Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player/1080P 24 FRAMES SEC
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Up for grabs is a Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-ray Disc Player. If you're searching for the finest quality high-definition video playback solution that will transform your room into a powerful home theater experience, look no further. The Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-ray Disc Player raises the bar of excellence with UniPhier Technology, 720p/1080i/1080p HD-resolution - BD-Video/DVD playback capabilities, and upgraded Firmware (for enhanced Dolby Digital HD decoding). It brings your movie theater experience to a whole new level, without breaking the bank. Item has been opened to check content and functionality it has passed all test and is in perfect working order with all accessories. Take advantage of this great low price while it lasts.

Manufacturer : Panasonic
Model Number : DMP-BD30K
Condition : New In Box


The DMP-BD30K player combines functionality and versatility, with capabilities to playback all of your favorite CDs and DVDs. In fact, they will look and sound better than ever before, because it's capable of upconverting your current DVD library to a near high-definition experience. Enjoy the awesome power of Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1-channel processing, for a wider, more enveloping surround-sound environment with enhanced sound transitions or simply, recreate the ambiance of a concert hall with exquisite detail.

Moreover, this powerful player presents superb functionality that will be hard to match. Panasonic exclusives like P4HD processing offers the cleanest HD signal on the market, it features an HD 1920 x 1080p signal through HDMI connection, or an HD 1080i signal through the component output, for HD-capable televisions without an HDMI interface. With connectivity to multiple A/V components, BD-JAVA interactive capability, convenient SD card slot, and playback capabilities to a slew of video and audio formats, your entertainment choices are endless.

Key Features

• UniPhier Technology
This unique Blu-ray player is engineered with UniPhier Advanced Processing technology, capable of decoding Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio signals with high precision accuracy, then outputing the signal in bitstream form (via HDMI output) with no degradation.

• The Exquisite P4HD Technology
Panasonic's P4HD technology performs IP conversion at the pixel level for the finest details by utilizing a pixel-management-task. This advanced video processing samples over 15 billion pixels per second to create a detailed picture with life-like textures, and 16-level motion detection ensures on-screen movement stays blur-free.

• Blu-ray Disc Features
Blu-ray discs offers picture quality beyond anything available, with full capability 1080p HD resolution in Blu-ray and up to 40 Mbit/secs, encoding 5-10X the capacity of regular DVDs. It also features theater-quality uncompressed audio (supporting 8 channels of Liner PCM), up to 32 streams of audio, interactive capability, seamless menus, integrated games, hi-def bonus and educational features.

• High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI V1.3)
It features an HDMI version 1.3 output with Deep Color technology, capable of upconverting video signals to 720p, 1080i or 1080p with 4,096 steps of gradation for even smoother, finer-quality images. This technology enables the player to carry the HD audio and video information through a single cable and achieving the highest quality picture and clearest sound available.

• 4400 Billion Colors
This player utilizes a 148.5 MHz/12-bit video D/A converter that provides high quality 4x over sampling for 1080i/720p output. Noise-shaping video processing, shifts the noise component to an unused area to further enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. By incorporating these technologies, the DMP-BD30K realizes super-fine, high-definition images with over 4400 billion colors.

• HD Networking with SD Card
This player offers a convenient SD card slot that allows easy viewing of hi-def videos and photos on your HDTV. HD video content shot with a Panasonic HD camcorder are output in their original 1920x1080 resolution, while still images taken with a Panasonic Lumix digital camera are up-converted and output in 1920x1080 resolution.

• Multi-Format Versatility
This versatile player is backward-compatible, enabling playback of all your favorite DVDs and CDs in HD resolution.

• High-Quality Surround Sound
It is capable of encoding 7.1 channels of surround sound and offers options for up to 32 streams of audio. Simply stated, it will reproduce the high-quality (cinema) surround sounds intended by the master soundtrack studio-editor.

• Two More Is Better
If you have a 7.1-channel home theater receiver - you're in luck - this player is capable of decoding Dolby Digital Plus. This technology uses less compression than regular Dolby Digital to reproduce fuller and more dynamic sound effects with up to eight discrete channels of surround-sound.

• EZ Sync HDAVI Control
Connect the unit to an EZ Sync HDAVI compatible TV or AV receiver (via the HDMI cable), and step into the realm of full-control connectivity through the push of a single button.

• Parental Control
For parents who want full control of media content played back through player, the menu features a parental control and rating system adjustment.

• Virtual Battery Operation
This player has the ability to prevent AC power supply noise from entering the audio signal path, thereby enabling clean playback of your audio selections by isolating any electrical interference.

• Expanding Technology
BD incorporates stringent licensing control, powerful encryption and other content protection. The Blu-ray disc technology offers the ability to copy its data-content to your compatible components. Also, it offers the flexibility to make managed copies across a home network to enjoy music and movies on your PC.

Blu-ray with a Difference
Blu-ray means incredible full-HD images, breathtaking sound and 5x the data capacity of DVDs. Now Blu-ray means something else too: an entirely new movie-viewing experience, made possible by Final Standard Profile, which adds features never seen before, like four Picture-in-Picture modes including Enhanced Commentary (from directors and actors), Backstage Pass, Peek Behind the Animation and Audio Mixing.

Images So Real, You Feel Like You're in the Picture
Combining a PHL Reference Chroma Processor with advanced P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing) imaging technology, UniPhier® — the Precise Digital Video processor — reproduces crisp, natural colors that are extremely faithful to the original movie. It does this by up-sampling the color information in decoded video signals, while the super high-speed P4HD up-converts content recorded in 480i/p, 720p or 1080i format to 1080p by correctly generating each pixel according to information drawn from up to 60 surrounding pixels. The image motion of each pixel is then categorized into one of 16 levels, from stationary to super fast. Image quality is further enhanced by Diagonal Processing, which creates smooth, sharp diagonal lines, and 3:2 Pull-Down, which optimizes the processing accordingly for film or video making the images look natural and lifelike. In addition, the DMP-BD30's HDMI output is Deep Color compatible, with 4,096 steps of gradation for even smoother, finer-quality images that meet Hollywood's stringent demands, so you can experience movies just the way they were meant to be experienced.

Incredible Sound Completes the Hi-Def Experience
With Precise Digital Audio, Blu-ray's beautiful images are complemented by exceptionally pure, accurate sound thanks to Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™. UniPhier®'s advanced processing capability decodes these audio signals with high precision and outputs them in bitstream form with no degradation. It also brings re-mastering to Blu-ray for the first time, which compensates for data lost during the compression process creating a fuller, richer sound.

HD Networking with SD Card
The convenient SD card slot on the DMP-BD30 allows easy viewing of hi-def videos and photos on your HDTV. Videos shot with a Panasonic HD camcorder are output in their original 1920x1080 resolution, while still images taken with a Panasonic Lumix® digital camera are up-converted and output in 1920x1080 resolution1.

One-Touch Control from Your TV's Remote
With EZ Sync™ HDAVI Control, you can control your Blu-ray Disc™ player — and all your home theater components — with your TV's remote2. Simply press the EZ Sync™ button and select "BD Player" on the menu screen; the BD player's menu will be displayed and you can begin playback.

BD-ROM Playback BD-Video (Final Standard Profile)
BD-R SL/DL BD-MV (BD-R Version 2)
DVD Playback DVD-Video
DVD-R/-RW/-R(DL) 1 Playback DVD-Video, DVD-VR, AVCHD(H.264)
+R/+R(DL)/+RW Playback Video, AVCHD
CD, CD-R/-RW 2 Playback CD-DA, MP3 3(CD-R/-RW only), JPEG(CD-R/-RW only)
SD Memory Card AVCHD, JPEG
P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Progressing for HD) Yes
Precise Pixel Generation Yes
16-Level Motion Detection w/ Pixel-Based Motion Adaptive Yes
Diagonal Processing Yes
3:2/2:2 Pull-Down Progressive Processing Yes(3:2 Pull-Down Only)
i/p Conversion for 1080p 4 Playback Yes
Up-conversion to 1080p 5 Playback Yes
Video D/A Converter 148.5MHz/12bit
HD i/p Conversion Yes
Progressive Scan Yes
Digital Noise Reduction Yes
Picture Mode Yes (Normal/Soft/Fine/Cinema/User)
Picture Adjustment Yes (Brightness, Color, Contrast, Sharpness, Gamma Correction)
Audio D/A Converter 192kHz/24bit
Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus Decoder Bitstream output using required HDMI™ connection
Dolby True HD Decoder Bitstream output using required HDMI™ connection
DTS/DTS-HD High Resolution/Master Audio Decoder Bitstream output using required HDMI™ connection
Re-Master for DVD/CD Yes (all formats)
Advanced Surround (V.S.S.) Yes
Dialogue Enhancer Yes
Dynamic Range Compression Yes
EZ SyncTM (HDAVI Control 2) Yes
Super Hi Speed Scan Yes(x200)
Audio/JPEG Navigation Menu Yes
# HDMI™ Support version: HDMI™ V1.3 with Deep Color™
# 1080p output: 24p(for BD-ROM only)/60p
Component Video Out (Y, PB, PR) Yes
S-Video Out Yes
Video Out Yes
5.1ch Audio Out Yes
2ch Audio Out Yes
Digital Audio Out Yes(1 optical, 1 coaxial)
Audio S/N 115dB
Dynamic Range 100dB
Power Source AC 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 25W (approx)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 25/16'' x 1615/16'' x 125/8''
Weight 7.3 lbs

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