Sony Handycam DCR VX2000 Camcorder EXCELLENT CONDITION!
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Once you pick up the Sony DCR-VX2000 MiniDV Handycam camcorder, you will not put it down! Never went to film school? Here's your chance to create the films you've always dreamed of making. Start filming now and enjoy features like a 3-CCD imaging system, aspherical 58mm lens, and a manual zoom ring for extremely accurate and detailed videos. You could be the next independent filmmaker to make it big. Just remember it all began with Sony. This item is used but is in perfect working condition. EXTRAS INCLUDE LOWEPRO BOOK BAG, 1 SONY EXENTEDED BATTERY, 1 EXTENDED RAYONAC BATTERY. LCD, RECORD, AND OTHER FUNCTIONALITY IS IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION.

Manufacturer :Sony
Model Number : DCR-VX2000
Condition : USED


The near professional-level Sony DCR-VX2000 digital video camcorder uses three progressive scan CCDs (one for each primary color) to capture quality images and can record in the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio common to movies. A 12x optical zoom and 48x digital zoom bring images closer, while the Sony SteadyShot optical image stabilization smoothes out hand-induced shakiness.

Like most digital camcorders, the DCR-VX2000 is equipped with an IEEE 1394 connection (also known as i.Link and Fire Wire) for digital image transfer, allowing video editing on a properly equipped home computer. Also included is an S-Video input, encouraging the conversion of already existing footage into the DV format.

The DCR-VX2000 also doubles as a digital still camera, recording photos onto an included Memory Stick at a resolution of 640 x 480. This resolution is fine for images you're e-mailing or viewing on a monitor, but most dedicated digital cameras today offer far more detail. The package includes PictureGear Lite 4.1 software for Windows, which lets you transfer stills to your computer and manipulate and catalog them once they're there.

The camera includes a number of manually adjustable settings for ultimate flexibility, including manual zoom, focus, shutter speed, and exposure. Microphone record level can also be adjusted for optimum sound quality. The Memory Mix feature works by superimposing a digital still stored on a Memory Stick over the video being recorded. A color-bar generator produces standard NTSC color bars to calibrate monitors, and four different white-balance settings help optimize color. The DCR-VX2000 includes a mic input, as well as an intelligent shoe for select Sony accessories, and has several digital effects built-in. Also included are a 4 MB Memory stick and reader, AC adapter, lithium ion battery, AV cable, remote, and lens cap.

From Digital Living Today
If you're looking for a solid DV Camcorder that does it all without breaking the bank, look at the DCRVX2000 MiniDV Digital Camcorder with 2.5" LCD, Memory Stick and Built-In Digital Still Mode. The long product name tells you most of what you need to know. Here’s the rest: The DCRVX2000 can produce up to 530 lines of horizontal resolution, through its 58mm aspherical lens. A 12x optical/48x digital zoom allows you to magnify the image and pick up stunning detail from a distance. SteadyShot Picture Stabilization keeps the recorded image steady, even handheld, and the 16:9 Widescreen recording allows you to work with the popular "letterbox" picture ratio. To top it off, the DCRVX2000 offers 6 picture effects, and the ability to use the camera as an analog to digital pass through converter (making it possible to digitize other media you might have on video of different formats). The audio department of the DCRVX2000 offers 12/16 bit PCM Digital Audio with manual mic level control, and of course, a digital still camera feature that allows you to snap photos and upload them to your computer or printer using a removable memory stick. In short, the DCRVX200 is quite a package for anyone wanting a top-notch home digital camcorder that does it all.

Digital Video Recording Records digital Video up to 530 lines of resolution using 3 Advanced HAD CCD's, The Digital technology delivers a richer and more accurate picture quality than the analog format.
It also features Progressive Scan CCD system, Equipped with high quality professional Aspherical Lens, PCM Digital Stereo, Optical Super Steady Shot, and i.Link (IEEE-1394) FireWire Interface with Analog Recording Inputs.

• 3x 1/3" Advanced HAD CCD's(380,000 pixels) High quality HAD design CCD imager that reduces noise in the video signal to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

• Aspherical Ground Glass Lens Professional quality Optics provides exceptional detail and clarity that reduces optical distortion, and provides better corner to corner focus.

• PCM Stereo Audio Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) recording for an incredible 96db dynamic range.
The Digital camcorders provides two recording modes 12 and 16 bit audio. 12 bit creates two sets of stereo tracks, and 16 bit mode offers one pair of stereo tracks.

• i.Link DV Interface (IEEE-1394) The i.Link DV In/Out interface (IEEE-1394) provides a high-speed, bi-directional digital link between camcorders or VCR's for digital to digital editing, which delivers unmatched versatility and performance.

• Analog To Digital Conversion with Pass Through The camcorders analog inputs feature a built-in Analog to Digital converter that will convert your analog video/audio to a digital signal that can either be recorded to tape or passed-through the i.Link interface to a compatible computer.

• Optical Super Steady Shot Picture Stabilization Eliminates high frequency shake and vibration without compromising any picture quality it uses motion sensors and a floating lens for better performance even in difficult shooting situations.

• Progressive Scan CCD System Progressive Scan CCDs capture a complete frame of video rather than interlacing two separate fields to produce a video frame. This high performance system eliminates the stair stepping effect that can be seen in standard interlaced systems when capturing still images. The images will be sharp and clear with excellent definition.

• Zoom this Camcorder features a manual 12 x Optical, 48 x Digital Zoom which allows you to Zoom in on subjects or pull back for wide shots. The Precision Digital Zoom technology means that extreme digital zooming is cleaner and clearer than ever before, with less blocking and distortion than most other types of digital zoom.

• 2.5" LCD Screen (with 200,000 pixels), The color LCD monitor swivels 270 degrees and viewing at any angle provides excellent viewing clarity with the improved resolution, and even goes into the "mirror mode" where the subjects can see themselves.

• Precision Color Viewfinder with 180,000 pixels provides a clear, full color view of Video subjects with up to 400 lines of resolution.

• Digital Still Camera(DSC) Function allows you to Capture high quality VGA (640 x 480) resolution JPEG file digital still images, and store them on to the supplied 4MB Memory Stick digital media.

• 16:9 Widescreen Recording Allows the user to record in a true widescreen' or "letterbox" aspect ratio. When used with a 16:9 widescreen compatible TV the camcorder is able to display a similar aspect ratio to that of popular films without having to crop off the top and bottom and losing important data and resolution.

• Interval Recording Allows the user to record video in preset intervals that range from every 30 sec, 1, 5, 10 minutes for selectable lengths of .5, 1, 1.5 or 2 seconds.

• Frame Recording Mode allows recording of any individual frame of the 30 frames that make up one second of video.

• InfoLithium Battery with AccuPower The Lithium batteries can be recharged at any time without developing any memory effect, and will provide longer battery life.
AccuPower Meter is a system that continuously displays the amount of battery time remaining in minutes in the viewfinder or LCD.

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