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Up for grabs is a Terk HDTV Indoor Antenna - HDTVI. Terks passive (non-powered) HDTVi elegantly solves the challenge of getting reliable digital TV signal reception with an indoor antenna. Most antennas are big and unwieldy and designed to be mounted outdoors or in a cramped attic. That is not an option if you live in an apartment or condo, or want to avoid the hassle of installing an antenna yourself. Terks HDTVi can pick up your local HDTV channels, and will look great sitting next to your TV. It is tuned for optimum HDTV reception, with a high-gain design that utilizes log-periodic elements and dipoles for receiving both UHF and VHF HDTV broadcasts. The UHF antenna element can be positioned vertically or horizontally to aid reception. Item has been opened to check content and functionality it has passed all test and is in perfect working order with all accesories. Take adavantage of this great low price while it lasts.

Manufacturer : Terk
Model Number : HDTVi
Condition : New In Box


With over 1,000 stations in more than 200 markets broadcasting digital television, nine out of ten households can now receive free HDTV signals with the right antenna, a set-top box and a high-definition television. Most of the antennas available today are large and unwieldy and need to be mounted outdoors or in a cramped attic. This is not an option if you live in an apartment or condo, or if you don?t want the hassle of installing an antenna yourself. The solution is a quality indoor antenna, which can pick up all local HDTV channels; one that will look great next to your television and one that is easy to install. The TERK HDTVi is the only indoor HDTV antenna optimized for both UHF and VHF reception (channels 2-69). The HDTVi elegantly solves the aesthetic challenge of integrating a log-periodic type element assembly into an indoor antenna. It is tuned for optimum HDTV reception with a unique design that utilizes log-periodic elements and dipoles for receiving both UHF and VHF HDTV broadcasts, allowing you to receive more stations. Its high gain picks up farther stations and its high back-to-front ratio rejects unwanted signals. The UHF antenna element can even be mounted vertically or horizontally to aid in better reception.

If you think you’re going to get true 1080i local HDTV broadcasts from satellite or cable … think again. It’s not possible to get most of the high definition programming available today with just cable or satellite alone. Enjoy the magic of HDTV at its best with Terk’s HDTVi directional indoor antenna. This superbly engineered antenna features UHF and VHF elements that allow you to receive all available broadcast channels (2-69). And the Terk HDTVi antenna’s highly directional UHF elements reduces signal interference. You’ve invested your hard-earned money to purchase an HDTV. It makes sense to optimize your reception with a high-quality indoor antenna. A great addition to your satellite or cable service. The Terk HDTVi directional indoor UHF/VHF HDTV antenna -- a small investment with a big payoff!

Note: This antenna requires an HD television with built-in tuner or set-top HD receiver.


* VHF: 40 MHz - 230 MHz (channels 2-13)
* UHF: 470 MHz - 862 MHz (channels 14-69)
* Dimensions: 8.125" x 13" x 16"
* Weight: 2 lbs
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